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Barely Breathing


Buried deep under a mountain of lies, I’m struggling for air. My life, my choices are being dictated by my father.
I was forced to give up the man I love in order to protect him and now I must marry a man who I hate.
I thought I had found a way out.
I thought my time in this gilded cage was almost over.
Then one day Jaxson Holden walks back into my life, flipping it upside down.
He’s angry, I get it.
But he has no idea how much I have to lose—how much he has to lose with him coming back.
Now I need to find a way to hold on while I’m gasping for breath as my past and present collide.
Just keep breathing, River.
Just keep breathing. 

Perfect storm

I should have never taken the babysitting job at the Goodwin house, but I had my reasons.
But what I really shouldn’t have done is fall for Mr. Goodwin.
For years, I watched his marriage fall apart, and when it ended, I was the one who helped him put back the pieces of his broken heart.
Now there's a storm brewing in the form of his ex-wife.
I'm hoping I can hold on as she comes blowing back into his life.
Though it isn't only her that could destroy us…
I have a secret,
and I'll do anything not to have it exposed.ig sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

The Love plan

Meadow Lexington and Dexter Greene have been best friends their whole lives. They had each other’s backs through thick and thin, through devastation and happiness. Nothing could ever tear them apart.
After a drunken night of passion, Meadow thought for sure everything had changed between them for the better.
The next morning had to be something out of a horror movie or a cheesy romance novel.
It had to be.
There was no way her best friend wouldn’t remember what they shared, what they confessed the night before… right?
Meadow Lexington needed a plan. A plan to help show her best friend that she was the one he loved.
That he could love her.
But what Meadow never realized was that old painful memories would arise, possibly blowing her plan out of the water.
Would Dexter ever accept that he is worthy of her heart?


“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

These were words Brooklyn Turner has lived by throughout her whole high school life. She shied herself away from everyone, all in the hopes of avoiding unwanted attention and getting hurt again.

It was an easy plan.

But when is anything ever easy?

Hunter Evans, the star of the football team, comes to her for tutoring. He’s always saw her, but never approached her.

Why would he? He’s the most popular guy in school and best friends with Kara Adams, Brooklyn’s tormenter.

Despite what his friends thought, he saw her for who she really was.

He helps her find herself again. He helps her heal.

But one thing’s for sure.

He never saw the impact she’d have on him.

Or how much they needed each other..

So Wrong So Right

Abigail knew it was wrong to fantasize about her step-brother, but she couldn't help herself. Colin had been the only good in her life after their parents married.

After a year of trying to worm her way into his heart, Abigail had convinced herself she'd never be able to have him. Then everything changed one night when Colin kissed her and confessed his own desires.

There was just one problem…
Victor Wagner.
A man with a heavy fist and lingering eyes and who Abigail considered to be Satan disguised as her stepfather.

Despite their fear of Victor's wrath, they give into their temptation because it feels oh-so right. But if he ever discovers the truth about their relationship, there will be hell to pay.

I Found You

Violet Spencer and Cooper Reid were high school sweethearts, separated by the people who they were supposed to trust the most. Four years later, Violet has recently finished college and Cooper is now a huge pop star. While both are letting loose in Las Vegas they find each other in a crowded bar. With their connection still burning red hot, they decide to make their union official and forever. But the thing standing in their way aren't the tabloids, it's their meddling mothers willing to do almost anything to break them apart again. Will their history and their love, along with their one special treasured bond be enough to win this time?.

Watching YOu

Kyle Parker had spent his life blending into his surroundings, wanting to be invisible, to avoid rejection and pain. His involvement with women is limited to only observing their every movement. He never thought he could ever be more than a watcher - Until Jess Hart comes crashing into his life. She's the first one to ever see him, accept him, and opens him up to a world of possibilities. Before long, Kyle finally sees the life and the love he's been missing while he was hiding in the shadows. However, his compulsion to follow her, to watch her, wanting to protect her still overcomes him, and he just might end up driving the girl he loves over the edge. This is a love story, but with thrill, excitement, self-discovery, passion, and hurt all rolled into one.

Playing With Fire 1 & 2

They always say when you play with fire, you’ll get burned. Well, that story is very much true for Dalton Harris. He might be a young hotshot lawyer but he’s no match for a fiery-redhead that’s taken over his life.

This is a short erotic journey of a man that should know better between right and wrong but happens to enjoy all the wrongs. 

2: Scarlett Price fulfilled Dalton's every need. Then his wife caught them. And now he's left burning in the flames she made. But it just so happens, he loves playing with fire. 

Dirty LIttle Secrets

A Collection Of Three Erotic Shorts:

Three Erotic Stories All Containing Dirty Little Secrets.

Nanny Cam I set up the Nanny Cams to catch my husband's affair. Well, I caught him. What I didn't expect was for me to enjoy watching them as much as I did. Now I'm addicted and what some fun of my own.

Bait and Switch My brother and I both date the hottest women at UCLA. I needed something more and suggested to my brother to switch girlfriends for the day. With the girls on board to our plan, we switch, yet I would come to find the girls we're more into each other than us.

The Triangle Seth has been my best friend forever. We did everything together. Though I never expected for us to be dating the same girl - together. We call our relationship a triangle. Our threesome relationship is perfect, but it seems our girl Clarissa is an insatiable little minx, and we will do anything to please her.

All stories contain threesomes or a foursome. There's also F/F relations and M/M (in the triangle) during these adventures